Wall Art Commissions

Commission CodaCo To Produce Your Wall Art Prints

Commission Our Artists To Generate Art Prints

Working from scratch or from your uploaded photos we can generate images in a variety of styles with assortment of new elements if requested. Think of it and we should be able to compose it or get close to it.

High Resolution JPG

Upon completion you will receive a low res, watermarked preview with variations. Select the variations required and we will invoice to your email address. Once payment is received, we will email the high resolution print file to your email address as a .jpg via wetransfer.com

How Long Does It Take

At CodaCo, our qualified visual artists create digital images in a variety of styles. Our digital images often take days to complete but it depends on the finish and detail required.

We generate high resolution digital paintings referencing your photos or we source from professional image libraries. Our artists composite and manipulate artwork digitally before creating the final high resolution digital image using different digital styles and media.

All of our digital files go through a pre-production, production and a post-production stage. We ensure print colour fidelity is accurate and the quality is suitable for all large format colour printers.

Artists Pricing

Studio rates are AUD $80 per hour. All art commissions are quoted via email.

CodaCo Digital Style

We create landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes and more using a number of specific styles developed by CodaCo. We can develop styles specific for interior design projects.

Order Your Art Print Framed And Delivered

CodaCo endeavours to use the latest sustainable digital print technologies. Our framed prints are designed to last a generation. Once your commission is complete you and your family members will be able to order a framed print to be delivered to your door. For more about orders, refunds and delivery please see our Terms.

3 stage digital portrait hand painted from initial blocking in to finished portrait using our digital impasto oil style.

Restoration Of Old Photos To New Large Prints

CodaCo artists can create new colour artworks from old photos. We will provide a quote first, so upload a photo and we will take a look and get back to you. If it’s out of focus or critical details are obscured we won’t be able to work with it.

Let's Get Started

Pick a photo that’s in focus and at least 1mb in file size. We’ll get back to you with a quote.

Photos should be at least 1Mb in file sizes. .jpg .png .pdf
Framed Wall Art Print Commission