Blue Is The Hot Colour In The 2020’s

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Tertiary blue and pale grey/blue appears to be the trending colour in the 2020’s.

The colour is popular in kitchens and bathrooms and appears to be in vogue amongst developers and interior designers. Contrasted against terracotta colours the new blues are set to be a hit and are expected to achieve higher resale prices for houses in the USA, Canada and Australia.

Green Makes A Comeback

Green in decor designs, used in drapery, furniture finishes and wall paint, is expected to make a comeback in bedrooms and lounge rooms all over the world in 2020’s and we may see finishes in timber also making a comeback. Green finishes and timber always work just like in a forest but some designers are even predicting cork walls and tiled floors to become popular again but we’re not so sure, we’ll wait and see. What we are expecting however is to see green in a variety of tones including dark and lime green being used in modern decor designs.

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