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While styling and designing decors, you’re going to come across a difficult small space at sometime. With use of computers being so prolific, house designs with study nooks are on the increase.

These areas often need a bit of dimension added to help ease the sense of confinement. Using prints with horizons can often be a good solution in helping a nook or small room achieve a bigger feeling by way of a visual diversion. Creating a sense of space however requires the right print for the right decor design and wall shape and there will be little room for errors to make it work.

A Low Key Approach.

Depending or your room decor design and the palette your using, prints that will help achieve dimension will not necessarily be clashing with your decor rather a print that harmoniously works with the design will often result in a better solution long term. If you want to create a focal point using a dimensional print then keeping it low impact, relative to the rest of the design palette, is recommended in small rooms as it can easily dominate everything else. Consider using a print that has a low contrast and an horizon line.

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