Negative Space – What, Where and How?

Framed Wall Art Print

So your client has this wall that is big, long and empty, what should you do? Choosing the right shape of print for a wall is part of the solution.

How do you determine the right shape you ask, well it’s not too hard. Most wall spaces are of a particular shape, square, rectangle and long rectangle or panoramic and as it might suggest the wall space will determine the best shape print. It’s all about the negative space around the art print and the size of the print. Art prints need space around them to avoid a cluttered or busy look. This space is called “negative space” and yes it’s a make or break aspect of interior design.

Filling a large rectangle space with a panoramic print.

If your client as a long empty wall then using a panoramic print may be the answer, alternatively use a few prints that work together as a set to create a panoramic artwork that spans the distance but still allows negative space around them. If you have to work with a square wall space then consider a square print or portrait print if your wall height is high enough. Similarly if your space is rectangle then consider a rectangle or landscape shape print and if the wall height is high then you could consider using two or more portrait shaped prints to create a rectangle shaped art set. You’ll find most walls have a particular aspect ratio and getting the size and shape right while considering the negative space will help a lot in your decision to use a specific print.

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