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Wall Art Prints

Creating texture with art prints in nothing new however it’s often overlooked by designers struggling to layer textures into decors.

Textures add dimension to a decor and can give more homely feel to a room when used in conjunction with other elements. Rugs, cushions and furniture can often be the source of texture but art prints visually can produce a similar result with a decor design. Prints can add texture and complexity to minimalist designs without complicating the overall effect and the result can be very inviting and comforting.

Add a layer of texture with art.

Some minimalist designs can be dehumanising if anything and although may be comforting to robots it doesn’t mean that decor designs using this genre needs to be sterile as well. Choosing prints that express a visual texture can really help. If your clients brief requires minimalist everything including colour then consider black and white prints with texture and complexity to offset any sterility in the design. While using fabrics and rugs to create texture, it is often the walls that really need attention when it comes to creating an inviting and comfortable decor.

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